Preventive Dentistry

By maintaining excellent preventive care, your oral health can stay strong, warding off tooth decay and other conditions. Aim for a schedule of two routine visits a year, which allow for cleanings, examinations, and oral cancer screenings. Preventing dental issues before they happen can ensure your oral health and your smile are at their best.

Children’s Dentistry

Set your child’s oral health off to a great start by attending a dental visit before their first birthday. Following a schedule of two visits a year, your child’s teeth can develop with our guidance and care, helping to prevent tooth decay. Our team has years of experience in children’s dentistry, allowing your child to feel right at home in our office.

Cosmetic Dentistry

At Redwood Dental, we believe everyone should be proud of their smile. Your comfort and confidence is important to us. If you find yourself shying away from smiling in photos, then you might be interested in our suite of cosmetic dentistry solutions. Our experienced team will create a treatment plan that is personalized just for you.

Restorative Dentistry

By using restorative dentistry, our team at Redwood Dental is able to bring strength and beauty back to your smile. Preserving your natural teeth comes first, but we can also provide tooth replacement options that are comfortable, durable, and match their surroundings. If you are suffering from tooth decay, missing teeth, or any pain, then our restorative dentistry options can give you the relief that you seek.

Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontal (or gum) disease affects half of all adults in the US. Silent in its symptoms until it advances to later stages, periodontal disease can cause bone and gum tissue loss, which threatens tooth stability. Preventing its progression starts with routine cleanings. By removing plaque along and below the gum line, your gums can be protected against infection and inflammation. Ensure a schedule of two dental visits a year to ward off gum disease.


Orthodontic procedures are used to realign your teeth and your jaw. This can lead to improvements in the function of your teeth because of a more aligned bite. By straightening your teeth, they appear more uniform, creating a bright smile that you will love.


Endodontics are a special form of dentistry that deals with the inner layers of your teeth. The most well-known form of endodontic treatment is root canal therapy, which is used to relieve pain and save teeth that are infected from within. Our team at Redwood Dental is experienced in endodontics and can provide treatment for your teeth that have become cracked or infected down to the root, bringing you comfort and preserving your tooth.

Oral Surgery

At Redwood Dental, your comfort is our top priority. The same philosophy holds true for our oral surgery. If you need a tooth extracted, then our team has the skills and experience to guide you through a stress-free procedure that you can recover from quickly. We make sure to explain our processes and answer questions that you might have, so you understand every step and can feel confident in our work.

TMJ/TMD Treatment

Temporomandibular disorders are more common than you think. If you experience discomfort, soreness, or pain in your jaw joint, then our team at Redwood Dental can help. We will work with you to diagnose any of your symptoms of TMD and treat them so that you can find relief.

Emergency Dental Care

If you need emergency dental care, then we have you covered. Redwood Dental offers several convenient locations in addition to our Westland office. We can treat you even after-hours, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at (734) 722-5130. Your comfort is our top priority.